Our auditing professions

To know is to be able to decide

Making decisions requires reliable data.

At 24PM, we understand the importance of auditing to a company's success. Our internal and external human resources, shared at competitive group rates, offer you complete coverage to meet all your auditing needs. We're here to help you control and co-pilot your strategic projects, giving you total peace of mind.

Our audit team is made up of qualified and experienced professionals who can adapt to your specific needs. Whether you need a financial audit, an operational audit, a compliance audit, an environmental audit or any other type of audit, we have the resources to provide you with reliable and accurate results.

Our auditing professions

Precise audits for your success

Financial Audit

Analyze your company's financial health to make informed decisions.

Operational Audit

Evaluate the efficiency of your internal processes and identify areas for improvement.

Compliance Audit

Make sure your company complies with all applicable regulations and standards.

Social Audit

Review your human resources and labor relations practices.

Environmental Audit

Assess your company's environmental impact and identify areas for improvement.

Information Security Audit

Protect your data and those of your customers by identifying potential risks.

Partnering for success

Shared expertise for a winning strategy

At 24PM, we understand the importance of having access to quality people to carry out your strategic projects.

That's why we offer you the possibility of benefiting from our human resources, both internal and external, shared at group rates, to meet your specific needs.

Strategic diagnosis

Claim your strategic diagnosis today for a package almost free of charge and find out what you're doing well and where you can improve. (2h meeting with 2 experts)*

* Up to one free diagnosis per company director per year