L5G development of embedded systems

Discover the Vital Element to Catalyze Your Company's Growth Potential

Every sustainable business system relies on a solid, scalable information system.

The essence of a successful business is a high-performance, scalable information system.

At 24PM , our mastery of L5G's PCSOFT tools illustrates our transition from an agency focused on providing teams to a key strategic partner for SMEs .

Direct communication between your strategist and the development teams ensures that your ideas are seamlessly integrated into robust tools that support you throughout your growth.

Save time & effort

Why choose PCSOFT?

Often disparaged, often misunderstood, WLANGUAGE is the choice of strategy experts.

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Completed projects

Use of L5G tools helps bring more projects to fruition

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Trained by 24PM

With our own mentoring program, we build the teams that turn your ambitions into reality.

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hacked tools

The use of proprietary technology makes the tools more secure than most open source tools

From idea to reality

With over 4,000 successfully completed projects, 24PM has demonstrated its total expertise, including a Service Manager level worthy of the biggest companies,... for all

With over 4,000 successfully completed projects, 24PM Agency is a key player in the field of corporate strategy.

Our expertise, worthy of large corporations, is accessible to all, reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in companies of all sizes. We offer a level of Service Manager service that rivals that of large corporations, ensuring that every customer receives bespoke quality and attention.


Who make life easier for thousands of customers of our supported companies, saving them


With an uptime of 99.99999% and a loading time of less than 100ms for 99% of sites

mobile applications

For Android, IOS and industrial terminals, accompanying the logistics of numerous projects.

erp and consoles

Secure PC-based management tools, with encrypted access to redundant, secure databases

Do you have a system to create?

With an average availability of our teams within 6 weeks and our AGILE method, we deliver projects with an impact of less than 10,000 users, for 80% of them, within 6 months of acceptance by our development department.

Strategic diagnosis

Claim your strategic diagnosis today for a package almost free of charge and find out what you're doing well and where you can improve. (2h meeting with 2 experts)*

* Up to one free diagnosis per company director per year