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Discover our shared values and become part of a dreamteam that works every day to improve the lives and potential of dynamic entrepreneurs with values and worth.

4 types of mission

Our 360° approach to corporate strategy at 24PM


Diagnosis and strategic planning using tools developed by 24PM and/or your own methods


1 to 4 days a month depending on the customer, participate in the improvement of supported SMEs


Carrying out projects within customer companies in your areas of expertise and excellence


Management of business projects and internal/external teams of supported customers and budget management


C-Level functions in pairs within your customers' existing organization


1 to 10 days a month depending on the customer, participate in the development of excellence at each 24PM customer.


Carrying out projects within customer companies in your areas of expertise and excellence

sales & HR

Supporting our customers in critical negotiations within their organizations

Our 6 essential human values

If our values match, there's no need to look any further: your dreamteam is here.


Our team is highly intelligent, capable of solving the most complex problems and providing innovative solutions tailored to each situation.


We are driven by an unwavering determination to rise to the challenge and go beyond our limits to achieve our goals.


Our ambition is the driving force that propels us towards excellence. We aim ever higher, to deliver the best services and results to our customers.


We believe in the importance of continuous learning and adaptability. Our team is coachable and open to feedback for continuous improvement.


Caring is at the heart of our corporate culture. We take care of each other and our customers, creating a positive environment conducive to success.


Loyalty to our customers and our mission is paramount. We are committed to building strong, lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

A shared revenue model

As a cooperative, each associate participates in the growth of 24PM and its customer portfolio, and we have developed a professional program to manage a current associate account online, functioning like a bank account and bringing flexibility and transparency to our associates.

The idea is not to sacrifice income for the cooperative model, so that the best people can choose to join us without sacrificing their standard of living for too long.

Customer relationship coaching

The best strategy managers aren't always the best salespeople, so we've integrated customer research, sales secretarial services, co-prospecting and qualitative lead generation into our approach, so that we can select relevant dossiers for each profile that completes the dreamteam we've set out to create.

Discover the advantages of working with 24PM

Share our values, our victories, our solutions to complex problems.

Extended network

Benefit from an extensive cooperative network, giving you access to a wealth of resources and professional opportunities.

Working in pairs

ou'll benefit from enriching collaboration and unrivalled mutual support, working in pairs to optimize the sharing of skills and knowledge.

Collective strength

Tap into the collective strength of the group, combining everyone's skills and talents to achieve remarkable results.

Professional development

Take advantage of an environment conducive to professional fulfillment, where everyone has the chance to develop and learn from others.

Shared innovations

Share and access innovations and creative ideas that emerge from the collaboration and synergy between network members.

Dream Team

Join a dream team, where every member shares the same values and is committed to achieving excellence together.

A fair distribution of time

For our associates in full swing, we divide time equally between different types of customer and industry, so a typical 24PM week is a varied one with surprises, challenges and shared victories with up to 8 different customers a week.

Selection process for our associates

Rencontre initiale

Initial meeting

  • J0

To get a feel for the collaboration, we first meet to get to know each other and share our values.

Seconde rencontre

Second meeting

  • J+20

Together we validate that we share the same values and prepare a copy of the association contract and associated ROI for our C cooperators.

Together, we carry out an assessment of common objectives.

Signature de votre contrat

Signing your contract

  • J+40

We sign your contract at the meeting, with a detailed reading and explanation of the ROI.



  • J+45

You have free access to our facilities at will, the collaboration begins and the successes accumulate, you have the freedom to leave us whenever you like... so we'll be making decades of enriching memories together!

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Strategic diagnosis

Claim your strategic diagnosis today for a package almost free of charge and find out what you're doing well and where you can improve. (2h meeting with 2 experts)*

* Up to one free diagnosis per company director per year