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We are working on

The reflection

  • Definition of the company's mission
  • Assessment of the business environment
  • Selection of objectives
  • Development of the action plan
  • Development of the operational strategy

The action

  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce costs
  • Improving the quality of services
  • Speed up the sales process
  • Optimize work time management

Our philosophy

For more than 10 years, the values that drive our company, its shareholders and all our employees are: listening, co-construction and solidarity in successes as well as in difficulties...

What drives us: business consulting and its development. The implementation of a strong and credible model, respectful of its socio-economic environment and sustainable.

Our approach

"Enabling every company, from startups to large SMEs, to get the best possible guidance for every project and every strategic plan."

Members' words

24PM's advice and actions enable strategic development. The more the company grows, the more it is confronted with problems that are not easy to solve alone. The human relationship with 24PM's strategists brings us a lot in our daily work.

BernardExtracurricular sports activities

Working with the 24PM team has allowed me to compare my entrepreneurial ideas with those of business strategy professionals. Putting these ideas together allows my companies to evolve in the best possible way. I hope to continue to grow my companies with the strategic help of 24PM.

FrédericArts Cooperative

You discover a number of things that are useful and necessary to the business, but that you are not always aware of. This awareness makes it easier to set goals and achieve them.

StephaneLighting designer for events

The strategists were able to implement unprecedented action plans to develop my company's business.

Members' words

What convinced me about 24PM was the fact that I could call on an external collaborator to free me from certain tasks that I no longer had the time to do myself. This allows me to focus more on my work.

AlainRetail trade

The qualities of the 24PM team are speed, flexibility and competence in the various fields related to business management.

DavidGeneral contractor

24PM allows my SME to benefit from various professional services (graphic design, promotional follow-up, strategy and development advice).

Pierre-YvesMusic School

Thanks to 24PM, I understood the importance of defining a communication strategy before setting up a website. The cooperative's team managed the entire project for my company.

StephaneLighting designer for events

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We make your data even greener

Good news We are taking advantage of the economic downturn to migrate our redundant systems to an even greener and more environmentally friendly infrastructure.

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