About 24PM

Who are we?

Founded in 2012, our company has been in business for over 10 years.

24PM is a cooperative society that allows you to develop your activities, challenge your ideas and reduce your costs by sharing and pooling services or resources; in a simplified way and without commitment.

of excellence

We strive for excellence rather than mere competence, which is why we have forged partnerships with a network of trusted suppliers to guarantee the quality and reliability of our services.

of value

At 24PM, we choose our customers carefully, ensuring that their corporate values match our own. We are proud to support them every day in their development.


To build our dream team, we have based our growth on talented individuals who are capable of divergent and innovative thinking.


We develop innovative and disruptive strategies to propel your project into a blue ocean, where the possibilities for development and success are endless.

This was said in the corridors of 24PM

Don't just do what works; do what makes you incredible.

Pierre Morelle - Founder

A cooperative

Human values at the heart of 24PM

At 24PM, we believe that success lies in collaboration and mutual respect, which is why we place human values at the heart of our cooperative approach, committed to creating an environment where every voice counts, every idea is valued, and every team member is a key player in our collective success.


We believe in the power of teamwork; everyone contributes, and together, customers and 24PM associates, we develop the best strategies for you.

Mutual respect

Respect is fundamental to our cooperative. We value differences and encourage an environment where everyone is listened to and respected.


We are deeply committed to our customers and our team. This commitment translates into a constant search for excellence and a refusal to accept mediocrity.

Working together?

It all starts with a first meeting

Voted Trends Gazelle

Our selection as a Trends Gazelle is a testament to our excellence and sustained growth over the years. The selection criteria for Trends Gazelles are rigorous and based on :

  • Growth in added value over the last five accounting years, reflecting our ability to generate wealth and bring significant added value to our customers.
  • The increase in our workforce, reflecting our commitment to strengthening our team to better serve our customers and meet their specific needs.
  • The increase in our cash flow, testifying to our financial strength and our ability to invest in the best solutions for our customers.

Strategic diagnosis

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