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For more than 10 years, your cooperative network of business advisors has accompanied you in all your successes.

Strategy consulting

Our associates, experts in strategic management, will help you achieve your goals and dreams in a concrete, time-bound way.

Operational support

We'll help you implement your company's strategy to amplify its strategic coherence.


Each pair is made up of experts in strategy and personal development.


We provide you with the operational resources you need to achieve your objectives within the timeframe you set yourself.

Why 24PM?

Grow and accelerate your business

We support you on a daily basis in your strategic thinking, ensuring consistency between your strategy and its implementation by our associates, taking into account the specificities of your budget and cash flow, as a partner and not a supplier to your company.

We are dedicated to guiding SMEs, and also very small businesses, along the path to strategic success, helping them to realize their ambitions and visions in a sustainable way.

The strengths of working with 24PM

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Achieve your goals

A pillar for your visions; our associates are efficiently distributed, at a fair price, across the varied projects of our members.

Make your dreams come true

Push and grow your company; we're here to support you in your visionary strategy.

Share the power

Benefit from framework agreements negotiated for 24PM member customers

Key figures

Giving everyone the means to achieve greatness

There are many advantages to working with 24PM. By joining our network of partner companies, you have the opportunity to join forces with us. We are committed to responding precisely to your needs by developing tailor-made strategies.

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of assets created for our customers

This includes the management of financial resources, budget planning, investments and company financing.

It covers production organization, supply chain management, product or service quality, and human resources management.

This can include the development of new products or services, expansion into new markets, partnerships and strategic alliances.

This includes market analysis, company and product positioning, communication and distribution.

It encompasses legal risk management, intellectual property protection and regulatory compliance.

This means adopting new technologies, managing innovation, and protecting data.

Our acceptance criteria for customers and associates

Our 6 golden criteria

  1. Intelligence (Smart) : We value bright, innovative minds, capable of coming up with ingenious solutions.
  2. Benevolence : The ability to act with consideration and empathy towards others is essential.
  3. Opening up to coaching (Coachable) : We're looking for people who are ready to learn and grow through guidance and mentoring.
  4. Will : Commitment and motivation are essential if we are to achieve our common goals.
  5. Ambition (positive) : We value those who aspire to excellence and the realization of major projects.
  6. Loyalty : Loyalty and integrity to the 24PM team and objectives are paramount.


Latest publications

Case studies, feature articles, etc.

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