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Good news

We are taking advantage of the economic downturn to migrate our redundant systems to an even greener and more environmentally friendly infrastructure.

In concrete terms, this will not change anything for our members, but we should achieve energy savings in the order of 50% by changing the current virtualization technology to a grid computing oriented technology.

More computing power and bandwidth

From a speed point of view, 24PM's public hosting and servers triple our speed by consolidating more services on more powerful infrastructures.

How can you do it too?

When choosing a datacenter it is important to check several elements to try to achieve zero carbon:

  • Is my datacenter carbon neutral?
  • Is the bandwidth, the available resources, shared between different clients?
  • Is the data replicated to multiple physical locations to ensure business continuity?
  • Is the storage physically limited?

But that said, the performance that supports your growth cannot suffer, so it is important to keep a proper balance between consumption and availability.

Our members needing dedicated services will always keep reserved resources, but it is possible, intelligently, to share a certain percentage of its "lost" but "produced" resources in order to make other users benefit from it, who will not consume energy for their own needs.

To achieve this, 2 technologies are "fighting" the market:

  • Virtualization (VMWare, HyperV, ....)
  • Open-stack application systems.

At 24PM we have decided to take a hybrid approach to dedicate resources to the members of the cooperative and from a global perspective, share the surplus to reduce the costs and carbon impact of our servers.

Do you also want to reduce your carbon footprint?

All our support plans include the hosting of your data in high performance for 1 €/Month per 5 GB (September 2021), choosing 24PM as your company's strategic partner brings a quick response to your desire for carbon neutrality...

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