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It's pretty easy:
  1. You can contact our team or make the procedure on your online account
  2. We will send you an e-contract by e-mail a few minutes later
  3. You accept online
  4. Your support plan is activated
  5. You pay your guarantee or we deduct it from your bank account automatically.
The director of the company may bind any legal or natural person having the status of a company. If a user binds a company without having the authority to do so, he/she becomes personally liable for the 24PM membership.
The contract concluded between the member and 24PM by subscribing to one of the above-mentioned support plans is for an indefinite period. It shall be terminated by either party giving one month's notice by registered letter.
Not directly. We are doing our best to quickly remedy the situation. We invite you to contact one of our Account Managers who will send you an e-contract upon request. 24PM's goal is to enable 100% online subscription by the 2nd Quarter of 2022.  
Yes. With an agreement from both parties. We advise you to contact your Project Manager.
Yes. We suggest that you include in your Memorandum of Association the acts of the management before incorporation. As soon as your company is created, be sure to communicate your VAT number to the Project Manager.
Yes. Although very rare! We invite you to take note of the reason with the Project Manager or the management of 24PM.
A member whose contract has been terminated may request the return of his or her financial guarantee. 24PM has 12 months to return the balance of the financial guarantee to a member.
The relationship between members and 24PM is governed by the rules of procedurepublished on the website.

Payments and billing

For your convenience, in order to avoid the important issue of documents, we propose you to increase your guarantee ceiling. The amount of the financial guarantee can be increased during the course of the collaboration by means of a request made by the member via his intranet or by 24PM via the Project Manager. It can also be increased spontaneously by the member, as long as the total amount paid does not exceed € 10,000.00. Each member can decide on the billing rhythm: 24PM issues a document as soon as the future invoice reaches half of the financial guarantee. The member can consult his financial situation at any time by logging onto his intranet where his trust and guarantee accounts are listed.
No. The guarantee will serve to neutralize any economic risks associated with a member.
In a desire for healthy growth and to keep member fees as low as possible, 24PM requires a deposit for all new members. In order to guarantee the payment of the amount of the support plan and additional fees, the member must provide a financial guarantee of between €1,000.00 and €10,000.00, which is fixed at the time of the conclusion of the contract. This guarantee is returned to the member who leaves the cooperative.
Yes. After sending your signed SDD mandate at 24PM, we work with prepayment.
Yes. The B2B SDD mandate is intended for professionals. It allows you to pay a single or regular invoice in euros to a creditor and to set up a payment schedule if necessary. It then allows for the automatic settlement of all invoices, allowing the member and 24PM to work with complete peace of mind.

Support plans

Contact us for more information! During an appointment with an Account Manager. To start, opt for a first formula Depending on the offer: You can also opt for the Success Pack: a formula guaranteeing €5,000 in annual savings by following the recommendations of the audit report. This pack is worth 425 € including travel to your company, is fully reimbursed if the objective is not met.
Yes, and No. The partner formula allows 24PM to become a shareholder in a company to support its daily development. We take care to evaluate the relevance of each application before accepting the partnership. The partner formula is accessible to all, but the entry in the capital of a member by 24PM is done only on file.
There is no time limit to the use of the Basic plan, on each invoice, if your financial interest is to upgrade your support plan, an explicit message will be displayed.
Yes. It is easy for you to change from one support plan to another. The downgrade starts the month after your request. The upgrade takes effect the next day. We advise you to contact the Project Manager to make the right choice.
Yes. If you wish to benefit from the resources of 24PM.
The board available to you during strategy councils depends on the size of your organization, ranging from a solo consultation to a board of 5 strategy directors.


If you would like us to work on an assignment or project for your company, contact your Project Manager. His/her mission is to help you plan and budget the collaboration with our teams. The work of the project manager is included in your support plan.
Depending on your Basic or Standard support plan, requests are guaranteed to be handled within 5 to 15 days. For a best effort reactivity, the partner plan is the best choice.
In collaboration with your Project Manager, you determine the tasks of the collaborator. The Project Manager submits to the collaborator the different tasks that will be entrusted to him/her.
Depending on the case, the member or the Project Manager will be entrusted with the briefing of the collaborator.
For any question concerning the quality of the service: the Account Manager or the 24PM Management. For any question concerning the mission: your Project Manager.
24PM offers its future new members the SUCCESS PACK. This pack allows you to start smoothly. This formula guarantees 5 000 € of annual savings by following the recommendations the audit report. This package is worth 425 € including the travel to your company, and is fully reimbursed in case of failure. We also propose you to discuss with one of our Account Manager and/or Project Manager.
Yes. An assignment can be stopped. Refer to your Project Manager to know the possible conditions.
Yes. A planned mission is considered as booked and is therefore invoiced. However, we invite you to contact your Project Manager to discuss this. If we have the possibility to reassign the collaborator(s), we will not charge you for this. Please make sure of the conditions at the beginning of the mission.
Yes. We work with packages for some turnkey solutions. We invite you to contact your Project Manager so that he can take the time to answer your questions
The board available to you during strategy councils depends on the size of your organization, ranging from a solo consultation to a board of 5 strategy directors.


You will find the "price ranges" on the page "Trades/Services of the website. These prices are given as an indication and do not take into account possible sponsorship promotions, the commercial margin of the support plan, personal discounts, .... . We therefore invite you to contact us. A Project Manager is at your disposal to answer your questions. You will also find them on your member area. To do so, we invite you to open a member account at 24PM.
Yes. We work with packages for some turnkey solutions. We invite you to contact your Project Manager so that he can take the time to answer your questions
The rates can be influenced mainly by the profile of the employees (junior, senior, medior). For some professions, there is a need for continuous training, which also influences the rate. An indicative basic rate is indicated in thehe following is a non-exhaustive list of 24PM's products and services
No. All prices are exclusive of taxes: Vat, customs taxes,...

Your account

YES, the creation of a user account is free. There is no obligation to subscribe to a support plan.
Opening an account allows you to : - Interact online with 24PM; - Benefit from future strategic tools offered to users; - Open a profile for your company and subscribe to a support plan; - Identify yourself to track your files, invoices and requests online.
Whether you are a starter, a startup, a scaleup or an established company, any individual or legal entity that has the status of a company and has subscribed to a support plan with 24PM can become a member.
To become a member, you must:
  1. Subscribe to a support plan.
  2. Pay 1 € / company: Type B share returned at the end of the relationship with 24PM.
  3. Deposit the minimum guarantee.
  4. Activate the Sdd mandate.
YES. if your country of residence is in the list of countries with automatic acceptance :

- Belgium - France - Germany - Luxembourg - Netherlands

Yes. It is possible to create several users on a member's account. It is also possible to assign specific rights to the user (e.g. finance, projects, etc.).
The legal address is automatically synchronized with the VIES Service of the European Union. The contact information of each user can be edited by the users and administrators of the account.
You have not subscribed to any support plan: your user account can be deleted immediately. You have subscribed to a support plan: the contract concluded between the member and 24PM by subscribing to one of the support plans will be terminated with one month's notice by registered mail to 24PM's head office. In practice, this registered letter may be replaced, with the agreement of 24PM, by an e-mail sent to your project manager, who will acknowledge receipt.  
We advise you to check if a downgrade of your support plan is not more appropriate.
The data are kept only for the time necessary to process them and for the purpose entrusted by the user. 24PM complies with the recommendations of the FPS Finance and the National Bank of Belgium with regard to legal obligations for evidentiary purposes. 24PM automatically deletes data that no longer have any legal reason to be kept. If you wish to retrieve a copy of your data, do so before the recommended time limit (5 to 10 years) expires. Your personal files are permanently deleted upon account closure.
The user account allows the member to connect to the 24PM intranet. The trust account records the financial movements of the member's "client" account.
Yes. However, some services are not available. Please contact us to discuss.
On request, after an examination and a decision communeIf you are a member of a group, your account can be migrated without any other formality than signing a transfer contract.
No. Older contracts with 24PM continue to exist after May 1, 2021.

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