How to prepare for an end-of-year evaluation?

To kick off the first 24PM 2022 blog post, we'll begin with this short summary of best practices for conducting a year-end assessment.

In order for an employer to make good decisions about staff, it is essential that the employer conduct an annual evaluation.

The first step is to evaluate your staff in an objective and complete way, that is the objective of this article.

Before starting, it is important to prepare the ground.

First of all, check the consistency of the process with the general objectives of the company.
Enter the financial goal for each person being assessed.

Next, we need to analyze the potential of each employee and try to build a sort of "best performing job" for each one. This work is very much appreciated by the employee, as it gives him/her a vision of his/her possible evolution within the company. In addition, this approach allows us to better understand each individual.

Moreover, the pre-evaluation work is a collective work, where each collaborator has to go through an awareness phase, evoking further the future of the company, and the means to get there. Thus everyone is involved in the effort.

Be truthful in your work, even if you have to make negative statements. One mistake and your evaluation may not be taken into account.

When preparing your assessments, use a checklist that should include:

- employee satisfaction;
- the employee's potential;
- its objectives and results ;
- your teams, the company and teamwork.

You will have to answer a few questions:

- What are the main difficulties of the collaborator?
- How did you determine the potential of the employee?
- What is your relationship with him/her? And how did you manage to delimit his/her role and task?
- What are the company's problems that may affect the employee?
- What are its qualities, its potential and its contribution?
- How much would it cost the company to change the employee/train that employee?
- Which employees did you promote this year? Why wasn't this year?
- What role did you play in the development of the employee?
- What is your personal opinion of the employee?

Next, you need to set up a "short" assessment. That is, most of the questions should be about the last two years. Do not leave out the positive points. End with a few positive and conclusive words about the strengths of the employee.

At the end, your team must feel that there is a purpose in the evaluation, a purpose of progress and satisfaction.

Need help to prepare your team's evaluation? Ask for a strategic follow-up meeting at 24PM on the subject, a pair of experts is already available for a fixed price of 250 € per meeting. (2021 rates).

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