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2010 - Birth of the original idea of 24PM

The 24PM cooperative: the fruit of many years of reflection. 

Pierre Morelle, founder of 24PM, has assisted many companies since 1999, but one problem remained common to all these companies: the means available for strategy, research and development and development in the commercial, IT, legal and financial fields financial resources for high-growth SMEs. 

SMEs run by founders who, "with their heads in the sand", no longer have the necessary perspective for these tasks.

2012 - Foundation of 24PM SCRL

After reflecting on and considering the best options for starting a cooperative strategic development agency model, a financial plan based on a 10-year rolling investment plan based on a 10-year rolling investment is put on paper... paper...

24PM was therefore founded to be the first cooperative development agency development agency dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, based on a very simple principle principle: a common financing to be able to offer you the necessary services services at a much lower cost to you as participants of the agency. the agency.

2013 - Strengths development

2013 marks the arrival of many leaders who choose to join the cooperative.

24PM's project department is growing rapidly, as is the central purchasing department.

24PM's internal management tools are becoming more efficient.
Our team is growing to meet the needs of our affiliates. 

2014 - Growth and investment

2014 was a good year for 24PM, which invested in a second office to develop its to develop its project department in a more complete way by grouping together even more different professions within the company.

The team grew from 6 to 9 employees.
This year will continue to be one of growth, thanks to the team team, but also thanks to the arrival of new affiliates and the confidence confidence shown by the early adopters.

2015 - elected Trends Gazelle

We We don't create a company to receive prizes or awards, Nevertheless, it is with pride that the 24PM team was awarded the prestigious prestigious "Trends Gazelles 2015" award in the starter category.

The Gazelle Prize rewards the companies with the best growth in their category.

Our CEO, Pierre Morelle, took the opportunity to thank the entire the entire 24PM team for their involvement, both operational and emotional, in our affiliates' projects, which allowed us to achieve the best growth best growth in the province in 2015.

2016 - Opening of the licensing program 

24PM publicly opens its licensing program in 2016.
The 24PM concept is now available as a license for young graduates and graduates and consultancy operators who wish to move to the 24PM cooperative the 24PM cooperative model, and thus replicate the success we have the success we have achieved in our area of influence.

Our licensees can take advantage of the 4 Pillars of the main seat to develop safely.

We are enthusiastic and have already concluded many pre-agreements.

In 2017, international expansion via master degrees has already been planned with the preparation in 2016 of 24PM for a transition to an SCE (European SCE (European Cooperative Society).

If you would like to know more more information, please visit the page: 'Developing 24PM in your region' in the under the heading 'Licensed Partners'.

2018 - Opening of the Cooperators Program

The cooperators are talents, external freelancers or active partners who decide to develop their who decide to develop their activity in synergy with 24PM.

This allows talents and experts to benefit from the collective intelligence of a network and to participate in cooperative projects organized among cooperators.

The image we like to use is that of being the captain of your own ship but within a but within a coordinated fleet with the same rules and customs in order to achieve to achieve common goals.

2020 - coronavirus crisis

The Coronavirus crisis is hitting us and highlighting the difficulties that companies are now facing more often in :

  • A decrease in revenues and difficulties in economic activity;
  • Increased operating costs;
  • An acceleration of the customer cycle and the need to react more quickly, and to be able to hold on in the long term!
  • An increase in management time;
  • Contradictions between rapid staff turnover and the training deficit;
  • Heavy consequences of steering the company by opportunities;
  • Greater difficulty in identifying and acting on changes in the environment;
  • A need to reform procedures in an agile manner;
  • Difficulties in organising the company in a world of telework;
  • A loss of collective intelligence with telecommuting and departures;
  • A need for digitization not always planned;
  • A need to reinvent itself in a disruptive way to simply survive.
2021 - Turnaround and re-opening of the co-op doors

In 2020, following the covid19 crisis, 24PM is taking a turn. The management co prepared the new ROI 2021 in order to return to the essence of 24PM: to support all companies by taking advantage of a common system; allowing the group's needs to be pooled so as to optimize access to resources and their profitability by sharing costs and time.


Follow 24PM's news by consulting our most recent publications on our Blog and don't hesitate to share, comment and react to articles written by our team members.


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